Baqsheer tribe (باقشير)

Baqsheer or Bagsheer, named after the Banu Qushayr tribe, is an Arab Hawazni Qaysi tribe that inhabited Najd and the Hijaz, and they are one of the branches of Banu Kaab.

Their lineage
Baqsheer or Bagsheer are Banu Qusayr bin Kaab bin Rabi’a bin Amer bin Sa’sa’a bin Muawiyah bin Bakr bin Hawazin bin Mansour bin Ikrimah bin Khasfa bin Qais Aylan bin Mudar bin Nizar bin Ma’ad bin Adnan.

Their history
The Qushair tribe is one of the authentic Arab tribes that traces its origins to the Amer bin Sa`sa tribe of the Adnani Arabs.

The Banu Qushayr settled in the Al-Aflaj region, and being a Bedouin tribe, they were a mobile tribe that searched for pasture and water. After the emergence of Islam, the Banu Qushayr tribe migrated with the Islamic conquests to some regions, such as Hadhramaut, and they were sheikhs, as they were known at the time as the sons of Bagsheer and Banu Qushayr. After that, some of them migrated to the Emirates and settled and in Egypt, Khorasan, Basra and Singapore.

Its relations with many other Arab tribes were characterized by friendly relations and alliances, except that some individual disputes, such as revenge and others, had the effect of breaking some of those relations with some tribes, as well as the outbreak of some wars waged by the allies of this tribe with other tribes.

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The Banu Qusayr fought several wars in pre-Islamic times and supported the Banu Kaab in their wars against other tribes. Among their most famous wars in pre-Islamic times were the Day of the People of Jableh, the Day of Wadi Nasah, the Day of Nissar, and the Day of Safwan.

The Qusayr tribe enjoyed its strength and the sovereignty of its brothers, which made it a safe haven for some of them, to protect them from the dangers they might face.

Information about the Bagsheer tribe
The original location is: Saudi Arabia, Najd and Hijaz
Religion: Islam
Language: Arabic
Lineage: Alqushayri

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