Wahooart Virtual Museum in 3D!

The World’s Famous Leader in the Field of Oil Painting Reproductions Launches a Virtual Museum in 3D

( Paris, 1 October) The renowned oil painting reproduction company Wahooart.com is poised to launch a 3D virtual museum for reproductions of famous paintings by 13,203 famous artists.

WahooArt is a team of talented and professional artists who aim to disrupt the industry by leveraging technological advances. The online museum, which boasts the world’s largest collection of 367,000 oil paintings, makes headlines again with the launch of virtual 3D museums dedicated to several famous artists. This is an initiative in line with the platform’s goal of making the arts easily accessible to as many people as possible in different parts of the world.

With the launch of virtual museums in 3D, WahooArt.com takes a leap in quality. Described as the online museum with the largest collection of oil paintings in the world, WahooArt seeks to take advantage of the latest technologies, in this case 3D, to offer the possibility to those who can not go to a real museum to discover all the most famous paintings and artists in the world.

“The pandemic has undoubtedly been a real shock absorber. However, during this time we have had the ability to work on some new and interesting projects. The 3D museum is one of them.I’m sure the next 3D museum will be inspiring for everyone. We promise you a new experience that you’ve hardly ever had before,” said Laurent Bruyere, founder of Wahooart.com.

Art has been described by many as a form of self-expression. Over the years, the arts and creativity industry has undergone an evolution that has seen the entry into the market of different categories of stakeholders. Despite this, a team of art lovers is trying to help millions of people relive the memory of high-quality artwork by selling reproductions of oil paintings of famous paintings, staying true to this mission since 2004.

Operating in the industry for 16 years, Wahooart.com boasts a loyal clientele all over the world to which it provides oil paintings that reproduce the originals in every single detail, except their high price. WahooArt has managed to make artwork accessible to people with the style and refined touch of a world-renowned artist.

About WahooArt.com

WahooArt.com is a team of oil painting specialists who create oil paintings of different types and sizes of canvas with over 16 years of experience. Founded by Laurent Bruyere, WahooArt offers 100% hand-made oil paintings on different subjects and executed in different styles. The skills of the expert painters, both formally and technically, guarantee the execution of any type of project, making WahooArt the ideal choice for art, whether it is a Giclee print, a hand-painted reproduction of any artistic genre (from the Renaissance to Pop Art), a specific masterpiece, or even just a photograph transformed into an unforgettable work of art.


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Email address: contact@WahooArt.com

Website: https://wahooart.com/




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