Press office for artists and agencies

Press Office for Artists and Agencies

TheGameTV expands its press office and offers new services to artists and agencies! Packages starting from $10 up to $110

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Thanks to our experience in the digital world we have established initiatives with many Italian and foreign blogs. When an artist or agency comes to us to publish a press release or an interview, we review the material sent to us and forward it to our partner blogs and magazines.

Most of the sites we manage are enrolled in the Google News program, consequently all the articles are positioned in the first pages of Google search. A premium package ($ 110) for example guarantees you the first search page full of results just about you. One of the customers who bought this package is Resiliencez. All the articles on the front page bear our signature

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Some of our clients

  1. Resiliencez
  2. Jupiter Jayne
  3. Mobile App Gaming
  4. Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe
  5. Perfect Soul

And many more!

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