Painting on the New Canvas: HD Smartphone Wallpapers

Painting on the New Canvas: HD Smartphone Wallpapers

What is the canvas of today?

For artist and designer Radim Kacer, the answer is already in your hand — or pocket. Kacer is now taking his abstract artwork to the smartphone wallpaper, the place we go to stay in touch and connect with the world.

He uses the same care and unique voice that powers his paintings, making beautiful, original work specifically for smartphone devices.

Kacer’s wallpaper collections display a range of palettes, designs and subject matter. These are high definition, fractal images that tap into the underlying geometry of the universe — dealing in themes of cosmic forces, frequency and perspective.

If you are looking for an amazing aesthetic wallpaper for your iPhone or Android, these stunning works of art are available online at Radim Kacer’s official website.


The Goal of Radim Kacer HD Wallpapers

What if we took the time and care to make our digital spaces beautiful? It’s a question that Kacer has been asking for years. That’s why he began focusing on artwork for smartphones in 2018.

The goal is clear: to bring art where people are.

Every generation of artists embraces new technology. The Impressionists used groundbreaking acrylic paints to create their masterpieces. While others balked, the new masters engaged with the possibilities this breakthrough opened up. Today we have the possibility to turn our daily lives into rich experiences of art.

The art world is in a state of reinvention. And those artists who choose to work on the bleeding edge are remaking art as we know it. It all begins with taking art to the people.

Smartphone adoption is ubiquitous. And we use these devices constantly throughout our day. Why not turn this fleet of devices into the largest art gallery ever conceived?

Kacer is choosing to do just that.

Radim Kacer’s Process

Kacer uses his own proprietary process to hand craft these incredible smartphone wallpapers. Every image begins with OrganikPixel Technology, which was invented by Kacer himself to produce high definition, fractal imagery.

Nothing in these images are automated or procedural generated. The artist creates each HD cellphone wallpaper by hand — meaning every work is an original piece by Kacer.

Each wallpaper begins as an inspiration. Drawing on themes from spirituality, science and history, Kacer crafts surreal and abstract imagery in high definition work that brings a fine art aesthetic to the digital space.

These are genuine works of abstract art, available as a constant companion throughout your day.

The Artist Radim Kacer

Kacer began his career in the 1990’s, studying graphic design. His career has always followed new digital trends, working in the latest fields. Over his twenty-six year career, he has created 3D artwork for video games, creating online experiences, pioneering online art galleries, working in fashion design, and painting mind-bending abstract work.

Sometimes surreal and sometimes purely abstract, Kacer’s many collections span many themes and styles. But they all deliver mesmerizing artwork to your everyday life.




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