Odotsheaman wrote a song during a TikTok live: “Merry Spliffmas”

Odotsheaman wrote a song during a TikTok live: “Merry Spliffmas”

“How i edited my lastest music video”

During a TikTok live, the musician Odot recorded “Merry Spliffmas”, his new song. Then he filmed the music video himself using a green screen. An interesting project that has achieved a great success among the people. The YouTubers Patrick Cc: (over 360.000 subscribers) also expressed his amazement!

You can see the tutorial on TikTok and YouTube. Find out how Odotsheaman edited his lastest music video!

Who is Odotsheaman

Odotsheaman has currently 70+ Music Videos out on YouTube, 30+ Freestyles & 3 battles on Youtube. These videos are all over Youtube and not just selectively on one channel. Odotsheaman’s official artist YouTube channel currently has over 2300+ subscribers. He has 3 CD’s out & 8 downloadable Mixtapes which were released before streaming became a thing. There is no exact record of how many songs Odotsheaman has created or featured on, but records show that it is well over 250.

OSM Vision is a Youtube channel that Odotsheaman started in 2010, to show off his friends musical abilities. Since its release, it has had over 650 uploads, over 12 million views and well over 17,000 subscribers.

He has done work for Link up TV, GRM Daily, Giggs, Ard Adz, Cadet, Mobo Awards, Digiwoo, MoStack, AJ Tracey, Romzy, Big Zuu, Mark De-Lisser, Jade Ellis, Pacman TV, Jaja Soze, Novelist, The Square, KNW ME TV, Cheekysport, Ian Wright, Simply Salacious Parties, Woody & Kleiny, Flex Fm, Mode FM, Kid Bookie, Dot Rotten, Brenda Emmanus, Kaylum Dennis, Hardy Caprio, The Wall Of Comedy, Hot Money Studios, Lad Bible, Don’t Flop! & Many many more.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/odotsheaman/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/odotsheaman




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