Interview with Andrea Pimpini: “Canada is my dream, How i met your mother is my favourite sitcom”

Interview with Andrea Pimpini: “Canada is my dream, How i met your mother is my favourite sitcom”

We talked with Andrea Pimpini. The singer/songwriter has recently returned to the music scene with a new album: “I’ll Stay by the Window“. We talked about a lot of things concerning the entertainment world

Bio – Andrea Pimpini

Andrea Pimpini is a singer, songwriter and producer from Italy. His career starts at the Romics Festival 2017 when he sang in front of over 5.000 people. After publishing his own songs, in 2019 Andrea’s live streams are shared on the most important Italian magazines such as All Music Italia, RAI 2, Optimagazine, etc. But the most significant success comes in 2021 when Andrea is third in the Billboard live streaming chart. The singer remains at the top of the cart for 3 weeks. Now Andrea is going to release his first English song. The goal is no longer just Italy but the world.

Interview with Andrea

Hi. Today we’ll talk in general about the entertainment world and your favorite things. You said in various interviews that you would like to live in Canada, why?

Well… I live in Italy but if someone asks me: “Are you italian?”, i’d reply: “No, i’m not italian. I only live in Italy”. The reason is simple: in Italy i only see rudeness, badness, lies, recommended people, etc. It’s a place without future in my opinion. I’m finishing my studies and then i really would like to live and work in Canada.

It’s a beautiful country, there are nice people, a lot of great opportunities… I’m sure i would like to live in Canada.

What are your favorite tv shows? 

I like a lot of tv shows. My favorite is “How i met your mother”. It’s a masterpiece and the actors are very good and funny. But i also like “Lucifer”, “Stranger things”, “Star trek: Discovery”, “Sex education” and “The Mentalist”

and your favorite actors?

I think a great actor is Simon Baker. I saw him in “The Mentalist” and i’ve never seen anyone like him. He is one of the best actors in the world. He plays the character and makes him his own. I also follow Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, Emma Watson and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan




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