Horror and Suspense Lit Mag Roundup for Spring 2021

Horror and Suspense Lit Mag Roundup for Spring 2021

For some of us there’s nothing better than a terrifying read. Stories that stay in your mind like a lurking shadow.  While some people avoid horror movies and books at all costs, for the rest of us, we seek it out and confront it. Being petrified can be exhilarating and addictive, said Irving Biederman, a specialist in cognitive neuroscience and the Harold W. Dornsife Professor of Neuroscience at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

“We like novelty, something that departs from our everyday experience,” he said. “Some of the attraction of being scared comes from the deviation of having a new experience that we know is safe.”

For those seeking new horror stories to keep you up at night I urge you to take a look at these four horror and suspense  literary magazines packed full of excellent work from very talented writers. They’ve all just released new issues in the last few months and are well worth the cover price.


Forbidden Futures

Lavishly illustrated with disturbing images from artist Mike Dubisch and published by Daniel Ringquist of Oddness, Forbidden Futures is always a safe bet to get your heart racing and the latest issue won’t let you down. “Ergamul” by Philip Fracassi is about a fantasy role playing game turned murderous rampage was as disturbing as it was entertaining, and Christopher Farnsworth’s story “Where the Dead People Live” brings you into the mind of a serial killer, a place no one should linger.


From publisher Eddie Generous, Unnerving Magazine  has released a new spring issue of disturbing tales. “The Wemategunis” by James Edward O’Brien features  a monstrous supernatural critter and “Darkness in August” by Bently Little was great at building suspense and ended with a surprising assault from a terrifying scarecrow. Available now on Amazon this lit mag is one to consume.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

A long running magazine with numerous awards under its belt,  The Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine never fails to thrill readers. This issue in “The Witches of Endor” by Janice Law, two sisters create a life like miniature of an old murder. Will it reveal the killer? Illustrated with a striking scratchboard drawing by Tim Foley, just one of many stories that will draw you in and not let go. Available in print or digitally for your ereader. Other notable stories, “The Case of The Brain Tuber”, by Mark Theilman and “Gatorpalooza” by Alan Orloff.

The Dark

The Dark is the brainchild of award winning editor and publisher Sean Wallace. “The 21 Bus Line”by Gabriela Santiago brings us on the eternal bus ride from hell and is just one of this month’s wanderings in the shadows. Other stories to delve into include “Crooked House” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and “Water Child” by Frances Ogamba. Available to listen to on the website, digitally or in print, this is not an issue to skip.




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