Hari Tahov: a designer from Sofia Bulgaria

Hari Tahov: a designer from Sofia Bulgaria

Hari Tahov is a designer from Sofia Bulgaria, Living in Los Angeles, CA, USA who does digital artwork including AR Filters, Gifs, 3D, XR and creative content. He has done work with celebrities and notable brands like tunecore, adobe, universe, and many more.

After three years of creating 3Ds and AR filters, Hari is releasing an exhibit of his first three NFTs in an XR environment. This art exhibit is different, because it’s set in an Artificial Reality Virtual Gallery. This innovation changes how we see art or attend galleries which can now be visited from an AR filter on Instagram or Facebook.

Link to virtual gallery AR filter: https://www.instagram.com/ar/803144523926878/

Extending our reality is exactly what XR means. Introducing people to art through a VR gallery in the real world through AR is the best example of an XR environment for marketing and retail. This is the most advanced way to reach customers and present your work/product for easy reach by your online audience. Through AR filters people can also share your VR products/work, which is the best marketing of the digital era.

The XR execution art pieces are some of Hari Tahov’s first 3D graphic design rendered art. They were created in the first week May, 2021. The programs the designer uses are Cinema4D, Procreate, Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender, Zbrush, and SparkAR to develop his creations.

The art is inspired by You-Gi-Oh monster cards and sci-fi movies. All the monsters/cards designs take one to two days to create, but to come up with ideas takes most of the time. The artist plans on selling the art and publishing cards of the art as his first NFTs on the cryptocurrency blockchain market. Looks like we might have a young Maximillion Pegasus in our future through Hari Tahov’s upcoming NFT releases.

There will be more original art created and sold by the artist in the future. He shares that his upcoming NFT art will not only be you-gi-oh cards, but also collaborations with different brands and celebrities from the entertainment industry. Keep up with his work on the websites bellow:





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