Gossip, Rumours And Fake News What Marion Julius Says About That

Gossip, Rumours And Fake News What Marion Julius Says About That

                “What they say? What I say?”

There’s always going to be lies being spread this is the world we now live in. Filled with people who are jealous and wanting to cause trouble for others because they’re jealous or envious of what I have and what other have what I/we can do and what they can’t. This will never end people these days don’t really care about other feelings usually it’s all about them and their own jobs or families. I figured this out over the years and so I have to become defensive when/if necessary and protect myself from individual/s and groups.

But I can say that this this does not stop me from going out there and doing wonderful things with my life. I’ve come to learn who my true friends are and also, I’ve discovered who those are who just want to use me for things. It’s really sad that people have to stoop to that level and do really sneaky or nasty things to others. Talking lies about others or talking behind peoples backs because they do not have the guts to say things to people’s faces. Gossip will always be around, and I cannot control everything that goes on out there.  What people do to others I’m sure KARMA will come around someday online/offline people tend to be nasty or cruel because usually they’re not getting their way, so they blame or create problems for others.

People out there do cruel things online at the internet trying to hurt others we see and hear stories all the time. I guess for me personally if people want to believe lies and fake news then they must be really stupid some people really do not have a brain I say. It’s sad to see it doesn’t really matter to me because I know who I am and so if people wish to spread lies about me they must have really sad and boring lives. I’m a happy person and I live my life the best way that I can being the best that I can be.  I do what makes me feel good about myself and I do what makes me happy and that’s all what matters really.




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