From today on the radio and digitally the new song “Merciless Killer” by Andrea Pimpini

From today on the radio and digitally the new song “Merciless Killer” by Andrea Pimpini

Andrea Pimpini is back. The Italian singer-songwriter publishes on YouTube the official videoclip of “Merciless Killer”, single extracted from his latest album of new songs!

A pop song different from the usual songs extracted before. The song, in fact, although predominantly pop, has very engaging rock and dance nuances.

Andrea explains the new song as follows:

Merciless Killer is a fun song to sing. It takes a lot of voice, energy and rock spirit. I chose it as an extract to celebrate this last year. An intense year: in 2021 I launched a petition to modernize the Italian school and I have been interviewed by IlSole24Ore, by the Mondadori Group for, by and many others newspapers. Also in 2021, Billboard put me on one of its charts and finally this year, for the first time, a nationally important newspaper such as IlMessaggero asked me to speak to his microphones about my music

Andrea Pimpini is a singer, songwriter and producer from Italy. His career starts at the Romics Festival 2017 when he sang in front of over 5.000 people. After publishing his own songs, in 2019 Andrea’s live streams are shared on the most important Italian magazines such as All Music Italia, RAI 2, Optimagazine, etc. But the most significant success comes in 2021 when Andrea is third in the Billboard live streaming chart. The singer remains at the top of the cart for 3 weeks. Now Andrea is going to release his first English song. The goal is no longer just Italy but the world.




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