Andrea Pimpini releases That Memory’s official videoclip

Andrea Pimpini releases That Memory’s official videoclip

Today, on YouTube, Andrea releases the official music video of “That Memory”


“That Memory” is the second extract from “I’ll Stay by the Window”, Andrea’s new album:

Andrea says: “That Memory is a song I wrote to remember my last trip in Iceland. It was wonderful. That Memory’s videoclip is a video-story of this trip”

The song, from today, enters radio rotation. Abroad there are already many radios that have started broadcasting the song. A positive trend that follows the success achieved in 2021: last Billboard, in fact, placed Andrea Pimpini at the top of one of its charts for its musical content.

“The decision to publish songs in English also stems from this observation. The Italian market has never really welcomed my songs; the international market, on the other hand, immediately gave me a lot of confidence”

Andrea Pimpini is a singer, songwriter and producer from Italy. His career starts at the Romics Festival 2017 when he sang in front of over 5.000 people. After publishing his own songs, in 2019 Andrea’s live streams are shared on the most important Italian magazines such as All Music Italia, RAI 2, Optimagazine, etc. But the most significant success comes in 2021 when Andrea is third in the Billboard live streaming chart. The singer remains at the top of the cart for 3 weeks. Now Andrea is going to release his first English song. The goal is no longer just Italy but the world.




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